JD Chakravarthi Behind That Heroine

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There is a lot to that goes behind a particular actress getting chosen for a project and this is more if it is a big budget movie and a top league heroine. The general fundamental is, more than her success track or performance it is the amount of lobbying that works to grab a meaty project.

In lieu of that, grapevine is making strong rounds that actor J D Chakravarthi has played a key role in getting a heroine a plum offer. Interestingly, this grapevine is making rounds in Chennai because the project in discussion is having superstar Rajnikanth in the lead and it is being helmed by Ranjith.

Apparently, JD is expected to be the antagonist in the movie. As such, JD has strong proximity with the eccentric genius RGV and RGV has strong equation with the ravishingly beautiful Radhika Apte because she did Rakta Charitra.  That way JD also got close to her and now the inside news is, he has worked towards giving her this chance. Only they both know the truth.

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