Mahesh Babu Cannot Read Telugu?

By - August 06, 2015 - 12:33 PM IST

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It is a well known fact that Prince Mahesh Babu has been creating enormous amount of craze among his fans as well the Telugu States with his charming personality, brilliant acting skills and great sense of choosing the right subjects. Right from his first film Rajakumarudu to his latest Srimanthudu, he always believed in commitment and a director’s actor!

But here is a shocking fact about the Prince which might sound difficult to believe! Because most of his education was based in Chennai where he was born, Mahesh never got the knack of reading Telugu script! If you might wonder how Mahesh could manage in reading pages of scripts scribbled in Telugu for all his films, here is the stunner! Mahesh follows what the director says in the sets, and just gets the essence of dialogue by the emotion and the scene given to him!

This itself proves once again that just mere paperwork or extensive reading has nothing to do for any actor to become a Superstar like Mahesh!

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