'Sankarabharanam' Documentary In Making

By - August 12, 2015 - 05:46 PM IST

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Being part of the Tollywood audience, you can proudly say that you are witness to some really fine masterpieces that have been made here. While the count still continues, there is a special place for the classics. One such movie is Sankarabharanam and here is an interesting update coming on that.

Sources say a documentary is being planned on that movie. You might be wondering out of the blue why this initiative. Well, recently, Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao gave a discourse on the movie and because Pushkaraalu happened recently public will connect so the organizers used the term Pushkaraalu for the movie as well.

As such, many who worked in this movie are no more. Only some members are left and few places such as the house where Sankara Sastry lived, the place where he pledges his Gandapendera are there. But in AP real estate is in full swing and all these might get wiped out in the name of development.

So, in order to restore them in digital medium, the documentary is being planned. The man behind that is Jitmohan Mitra and he is the artist who plays guitar in the movie and creates hungama. He has taken the initiative for this documentary and guess what, he is now 74 years old.

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