Kick 2 Goes for Censor Re-review

By - August 14, 2015 - 03:34 PM IST

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Kick is one of the best films in the careers of both hero Ravi Teja and director Surender Reddy. After a memorable hit like Kick, the combo has teamed up once again for Kick 2.

This film’s audio was released couple of months back and it was initially slated for a June release. However due to some reasons it couldn’t hit the theaters and makers are now planning to the release this film as soon as possible. As a part of it, the film completed its censor formalities and was even given ‘A’ certificate by the censor board. But latest reports reveal that the unit wasn’t happy with the ‘A’ certificate and now the makers of Kick 2 are looking to go for a review. They are likely to approach the review committee the upcoming Monday to challenge the 'A' certificate issued initially.

Perhaps the makers are concerned about the fact that the A certificate would send a wrong signal and eventually affect the family audience. Though A certificate is quite common these days, Surender Reddy’s films have so far been outright family entertainers - a record which he wishes to keep up. This might be a key reason to go for a review. Let us see if Kick2 makers would oblige the mentioned cuts and can get a certificate in their favor!

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