'Kick 2' Trailer Talk

By - August 15, 2015 - 10:42 AM IST

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All it takes is the right kind of trailer cut to judge whether a movie will be entertaining or not. At least that is the judgement process usually followed by most of us. In a way, even the filmmaker’s intelligence is tested in the way he cuts out the trailer. Right now, one film’s trailer has come under scrutiny.

It is the film Kick 2 and here is the overall feedback. Many are liking the energy in the film and it is coming across as a perfect mix of comedy, romance and action. Yet again, Ravi Teja seems to be hogging the limelight with his mass appeal while Rakul’s glamour is going to make up for the visual feast.

The visual appeal is very good and due credit goes to Manoj Paramahamsa, the cinematographer. Yet again, the scenes between Ravi Teja and Brahmanandam are likely to touch the peaks of comedy. Overall, the trailer has got a very positive response.

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