Prabhas locks horns with Bunny

By - August 16, 2015 - 03:45 PM IST

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Prabhas transformed from a regional star to a national star with the magnanimous hit of Baahubali. This film gave stardom to Prabhas in unexplored arenas even where Mega heroes have a strong hold. Now with the same kick, the Young Rebel Star is attacking the sweet spot of a Mega hero.

Going into the details, as we all know, Allu Arjun got a huge fan base and market in Malayalam and all his films eventually get dubbed into Malayalam language and even simultaneously release on the same day as the Telugu ones. Some Mallu producers are even chasing down Bunny to make a straight Malayalam film with him and as per insider reports a Mallu director has recently narrated a multi lingual subject to Bunny which can be an international project too.

Following Bunny, Ram Charan and Mahesh Babu have also ventured into the Mallu land but Bunny seems to be the lone champ here. However, he is now going to face a stiff competition from Prabhas. Baahubali that registered a Guinness Record in Kochi prior to its release has finally emerged to be a decent hit by collecting more than Rs 6 Cr in Kerala. So, keeping in mind the new found craze for Prabhas, some Mallu producers wants to dub all Prabhas films into Malayalam and firstly they want to dub Mirchi.

On a whole, Prabhas is not only giving a tough competition to his contemporaries in Telugu but also in other languages as well!

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