'Kanche' In 1942 Love Story Mode?

By - August 17, 2015 - 12:44 PM IST

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Any film that comes with a connection to our past history garners a lot of attention and if it is being helmed by a capable director, the attention is more. True to that, the forthcoming release Kanche is now under spotlight for its storyline. Well, the film is set on the backdrop of pre-independence.

Most importantly, it has to do with the second world war and those who have seen the posters say it indicates them of a love story set in 1942. This ambitious project is helmed by the intellectual filmmaker Krissh and it has mega prince Varun Tej as the hero while Pragya Jaiswal is the leading lady.

When a film comes from Krissh’s compound, it is bound to have a lot of intensity and even the romantic track is quite deep. What remains to be seen is how well would he conceive the flavor of the love story which has happened more than 70 years ago. This looks to be an interesting treat then.

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