Manchu Vishnu's Concern about Children's Health

By - August 19, 2015 - 01:09 PM IST

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The Manchu hero with angry young man image Vishnu has always been quite vocal about his opinions and happenings around the country with strong voice. He was the first person to confront the censor board difficulties and many other such incidents boldly. Surprisingly, this actor who has his new film Dynamite lined up for release isn’t showing much focus on the film’s promotion.

Instead, he is spending more time with his Dad’s school management work and various health concerns which trouble children’s well being. He recently saw a video which showed peas being soaked in paint and sold for kids. Vishnu was very upset watching such artificiality in food and said that children’s health is at stake with such commercial interests.

Looks like Vishnu is following his Dad’s footsteps in questioning the wrong doings and try doing something about it!

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