Who is Allu Sirish's Angel?

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In almost every person’s life there would be an angel. Be it their parents, siblings, friends or lovers, everyone needs an angel. And even a film celebrity is no exception to this.

We are talking about an angel in a film celebrity's life. Well he is none other than Mega hero Allu Sirish. Today he tweeted about the angel in his life. That was a birthday tweet which goes like this -

"Happy birthday, my angel. Stay happy and blessed where ever you are.."

This tweet created enough curiosity amongst the fans about the angel. Everyone wondered who's this angel and even got a doubt that if it was a love story. Well industry onlookers opine that it need not necessarily be his ex-girl friend but indeed one of his dearest ones.

Surprisingly, Sirish removed this tweet later which evoked further questions and doubts.

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