Really It's 'Baahubali' Of Small Films

By - August 25, 2015 - 05:36 PM IST

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The name Baahubali might just be a title of the movie but the way analogies and relations are being drawn from this title is amazing. Well, many have begun using Baahubali for something very strong, powerful and successful. This is more in the Tollywood circuit and the films that are coming.

As part of that, one caption came today on the poster of the film Cinema Chupista Maava. Well, the film is being called as the Baahubali of small films. This was endorsed by the four producers who said “Wherever we see, our film is being called as Baahubali of small movies owing to its collections.”

In fact, this is very true because for a film which has been made with a 3 crore budget, getting 10 crores collections is not a small thing. According to inside news, all the four producers along with all the distributors made sizeable profits and everyone is very happy. This is great news indeed!

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