'Life Again'- A Motivation For Cancer Patients

By - August 26, 2015 - 05:35 PM IST

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Most of you may not know this person called Hyma Reddy but she is a bigshot who stays in the Gulf. She has got strong network with the local governments and is quite a big person there. Unfortunately, she was struck by cancer and she is very attached to her father who passed away.

As a result, she is making a movie on how her father motivated her to fight cancer because she managed to overcome it. She wanted to do it as a short film but some biggies convinced her to make it as a feature film so she is planning it in that format.  The film is titled as Life Again.

During the shooting time, there is one blood test scene and it was shot in real on Hyma. After the shot was done, Hyma wanted to take a real blood test and it was discovered that she had a cancer relapse. But the strong lady is unfazed and she has promised she will return and complete the movie. The father’s role in the film is being essayed by the noted producer Raj Kandukuri.

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