Distance grows between the Kick 2 Team?

By - August 29, 2015 - 01:20 PM IST

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When Nandamuri hero Kalyan Ram decided to produce Kick 2 with the successful combo of Ravi Teja and Surender Reddy, the entire Tollywood fraternity rejoiced the association. It was a friendly move by each of them work together and people thought Kick 2 would gross better than its predecessor! Sadly, things didn’t work out as expected because of the lukewarm response for the film.

To make things even more difficult, sources say that some internal differences between the main people of Kick 2- Ravi Teja, Kalyan Ram and Surender Reddy is increasing the distance between the bonding. Ravi Teja apparently asked Surender Reddy to clip of some of the scenes in village backdrop for the ease of runtime but Surender Reddy didn’t agree for it.  When Kalyan Ram intervened in this asking the director to reduce the length, the latter remained determined.

As  a result, Kalyan Ram took the initiative without informing Surender Reddy and clipped off some scenes in the film’s positive. This seems to be the main reason for miscommunication and disturbance between the team of high production values.

Let us hope the differences clear soon and things remain amicable between these talented film personalities!

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