I don't prefer celebrating Birthday exclusively anytime!- Nagarjuna

By - August 29, 2015 - 08:43 AM IST

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Akkineni Nagarjuna is an exemplary actor in Tollywood for fitness and stylish appearances. He is well known for his brilliant selection of subjects and versatile roles. He is currently busy working for Soggade Chinni Nayana along with yesteryear glamor actress Ramya Krishna. Nag is celebrating his 56th birthday today and on that eve here is an exclusive chitchat with the actor:

Hi Nagarjuna.. many happy returns of the day!
Hi.. thanks a lot!

What is special for this birthday?
Nothing at all. I don’t prefer celebrating birthdays exclusively anytime!

Please tell us about your latest project Soggade Chinni Nayana..
The film has an interesting storyline. It deals about a relationship between father and son in an entertaining manner. Though there are fun filled moments there is good scope for mature acting as well. My role has two different shades. I will be seen as a lover boy along with an ignorant attitude person.

How was it working with Ramya Krishna after ages?
We were always termed as a hit pair since Hello Brother days! Her role is quite wonderful and she is perfect for it.

You are working with a new director for this flick. Do you think he is doing the right justice for the subject?
I always prefer and encourage working with new filmmakers. Kiran is doing a wonderful job for this film and I have great confidence in his abilities.

This film seems to have many writers. What is the reason behind it?
I usually take good care in writing department for my films and Soggade Chinni Nayana isn’t an exception. The main story and screenplay is by director Kiran himself. Only additional dialogues are by other writers for better script work.

The film’s first look along with your two sons movie teasers are releasing on your birthday. How does it feel?
Initially we were wary about doing it as it is a big step. But occasions like this happen rarely and I feel it’s  a good thing to do.

How do you feel about your younger son Akhil starting his full time acting career?
I feel very proud and happy as a Dad to see Akhil choose filmdom. He is doing a commendable job and has passion for films.

There is a buzz that you often involve in Chay’s and Akhil’s film scripts. How far of it is true?
I don’t actively involve in the process. However, I hear the story and just like my Dad, I give freedom to my children about choosing their choice of films.

How do you feel about the impact Baahubali and Srimanthudu created on TFI?
I must call Baahubali as a rare event which would increase the level of Telugu films. These two films proved a great fact that if content is the main hero, one can reach great heights like 100 crore business!

How do you handle the competition in films with growing age?
I need to be careful in choosing roles which suit me well. I always plan to do something very different from the regular type films I did till now.

Manam is called an experimental film in regular Tollywood commercial films. Would you want to do such films in near future?
I don’t think Manam was an experiment. It was an honest film with good family values. However, I always liked experimental cinema!

We heard that you are showing interest in a remake of French film?
I saw the film named Untouchable Baseball and liked it a lot. Should see how things would work out on remaking it! I am particularly not inclined to do remakes specially though.

Akhil has proved about his screen presence in cameo for Manam itself. Your comment?
Yes he does have great ease in screen presence. He has got some Bollywood offers after this too. But Akhil wants to prove in Tollywood first and then show is worth in Hindi Cinema.

Would you prefer to do a Multistarrer with Akhil and Chai once again?
If I get the chance to do with a good script. Definitely!

Off the film topic, do you believe in spirits?
I never gave a special thought to it but it does make me curious and interested to know more.

Okay.. thanks and wishing you happy birthday once again!
Thanks a lot!

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