Budget Is The Buzzword Now

By - August 31, 2015 - 11:21 AM IST

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These days, the marketing of a cinema has become an extremely crucial aspect and even if it is a star budget movie, the reach has to be obtained aggressively. As a result, the makers try to come up with new buzzwords so that the attention of the public is hooked. This time, they have created a new one.

It is nothing but budget. Any movie which involves a big hero usually rides on projecting it as a big budget flick. Not stopping at that, the makers also announce the figure which gives us the project estimate. Now, whether they really spend so much money or is it just a hype is something all of us need to decide upon.

But for now, the budget buzzword is working strong and even the filmmakers are not hesitating to pump in 100 crores inside a project. For a long time, the market strength of Tollywood was considered to benefit a 30 crores project but after the success of Baahubali, the dynamics have changed rapidly.

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