Actor hurt by Trolls on Wife!

By - August 31, 2015 - 06:12 PM IST

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Social media isn’t all about information, sharing, feeling, movements but also about instant feedback, criticism and even trolls. Celebrities are often to prone to trolls irrespective of their posts or content.

There are lunatic fans who post content for no reason and there are haters who keep trolling no matter the context. There is yet another category of haters who keep posing abusive and derogatory comments that usually celebs ignore but can’t help reacting to it. One such incident happened when popular playback singer Chinmayi posted a WhatsApp forward on her Twitter handle for which she has been constantly trolled, some of which carrying offensive comments in Tamil. Chinmayi has been fighting it out from a couple of days and today her husband and noted actor Rahul Ravindran also joined her.

Wife shared some of the things trolls have tweeted in reply to her sharing a whatsapp forward.. She herself wishes she hadn't. But.... I usually ask her to ignore and practice the same.. But wow.. Basic lack of decency and shame. Education's been wasted on them. Poor Chinmayi is not as thick skinned as I can be. But some of these trolls can get through to a buffalo with their spite. Some tweets.. .Hurt her and she starts replying to a lot of tweets she wouldn't otherwise reply too.”

He even posted a comment of an anonymous person claiming to be Thala Ajith fan and said “This guy...Most likely not even a Thala fan...I really wanna mess with him.. Someone help me get his mother's number”

Even this added more fuel to the fire. Online Anonymity has been a great weapon to people who indulge in such deprecating trolls. 

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