Most Promising Film In Coming Days

By - September 01, 2015 - 05:12 PM IST

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Each Friday you see a lot of film releases happening and just out of pure passion for cinema you go and watch them. But there are those times when you actually wait for a movie to arrive with eagerness and enthusiasm. Those are quality flicks and one such film is now in the pipeline.

We are talking about the film Kanche and from the time it was announced, it generated a positive vibe among all. True to that, the posters and the teasers also added more to the expectation. Now, the time has come for the official trailer to be unveiled and even that is creating quite a bit of hype.

Starring mega prince Varun Tej in the lead, the film is helmed by the intellectual filmmaker Krissh and the essence of the movie happens to be Dhoopati Hari Babu & Rachakonda Seetha Devi's love story which are the character names of the lead pair. Pragya Jaiswal is the leading lady. Get set for this love journey.

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