Teja Gives Lot of Creative Space: Composer Kalyan Koduri Interview

By - September 01, 2015 - 12:01 PM IST

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In the era of mass numbers and heavy noise in the form of Music, there are very few directors in Telugu Cinema who focus on melody and feel good numbers. These songs have a good commercial impact as well without being compromised in the classiness aspect. One such gifted composer is the reserved Kalyan Koduri who gave some memorable albums like Ashta Chamma and Oohalu Gusagusalaade. Now, the composer is working with peculiar filmmaker Teja for an adventure film Hora Hori. Here is an exclusive chitchat with the music director:

Hello Kalyan garu..

What made you work with Teja for this film Hora Hori?
I always wanted to work with Teja. We were supposed to work for 2-3 projects earlier but somehow it stopped in the final stage. I am glad that Teja chose me for this film. It is brilliant to work in the banner of Damodar Prasad garu once again as I already did two films with him.

How was it working with a maverick filmmaker like Teja?
One great aspect about Teja is he gives work freedom and creativity. However, we had such big arguments that we wanted to move apart from this project.  Because of healthy compromise we got back into working. I must say I have some forgetful incidents as well as memorable moments while working for Hora Hori.

What was the difference point for you to argue with Teja?
Teja has a very different working style. I had to be with him 24 hours a day and travel along with him. In short, he captures the music director like a cobra! I somehow didn’t feel this style to be quite comfortable. But the best thing was he gives great creative freedom and never before heard situations. One day he came to me and said he wanted a song based on the rhythm of beggar songs in train! The other day he wanted a song which is based on the line “Chacchipothe Baguntundhi!”. His ideas are very repulsive in the first place and don’t look normal at all. However, I wanted to work with him because every music director under him got great name.

After so much of differences, will you work with Teja in near future?
I don’t know. It depends on my mindset then. But, I would define my rules and conditions if I would work with him again. I must admit there were some shocking incidents which are making me to say like this.

How is the music for Hora Hori going to be?
I did melody songs predominantly in my career. But Hora Hori songs are massy and there is an item song as well. I couldn’t do such songs till now because I didn’t get the chance.

Were there any specific challenges you faced for working in a different project like this?
Yes. The film is in train journey backdrop and I had great fun giving re-recording for it. Teja said my re-recording work for pre interval sequence was really good. Producer Damodar even said it is in award winning level!

One song in Hora Hori seems to have lot of vulgarity.. your comment?
I was duty minded and did what the producer and director asked me to. It was a collective and creative decision. I must say the vulgarity is there in the song because the situation in the film demanded it. A professional composer should be open for giving music for any situation!

You seem to change your name often. Is it because of your belief in Numerology?
I like to change my name just like that! You can call it craziness but not any belief in numerology!

You gave a brilliant album like Ashta Chamma yet you do very few films in the industry. Why?
Simple. Nobody is giving me chances! People think I am very choosy about projects but the reality is I don’t get changes. If I earn more than needed, I might even forget music! For every breakthrough film I hope that it would change my career graph but unfortunately it’s not happening.

How much of your brother Keeravani’s influence is on you?
Musically I don’t have much influence of him but in personal level definitely he has had a good impact.

There was even a buzz that you are the one who compose re-recording for Keeravani’s albums?
That is a baseless rumor. He is not in such bad situation that he should approach me for it! However, I do supervision for his albums and did for Baahubali too.

Do you have plans to do Private Albums in future?
I have a fair idea to do some signature tunes. Will be starting it very soon.

Upcoming  projects?
I am doing a film with Nandini Reddy now and another film under Damodar Productions.

Okay..wishing you the best for future projects!
Thank you!

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