'Baahubali' Piracy In Question

By - September 04, 2015 - 04:18 PM IST

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The biggest menace the entire film fraternity has been facing since many years is the piracy. This has eaten a fair share of the industry revenue like a termite and made the economy hollow. While many statements are given condemning this heinous act, nothing concrete has been done so far.

Meanwhile, the magnum opus Baahubali seems to be get no exemption from the online pirates. News is that despite the High Court refraining the websites from hosting the pirated version of the film, it has been spotted on a website. And the person who spotted it happens to be a journalist.

With this, the question of piracy and tackling it has popped up again. As such, the business of Baahubali is almost done and there is not much happening in the theatres. But still, the very act is actually unlawful and many other films which had latest release can have the same fate.  Hope the authorities take stern measures.

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