'Kanche' Trailer Crossing Borders

By - September 04, 2015 - 09:35 AM IST

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The power and impact a trailer creates is sufficient for all of you to decide whether you want to watch that film or not. This has always kept the filmmakers on their toes while cutting a trailer and they do their best to set the right chord. Currently, one film has raised the expectations with its trailer.

We are talking about the movie Kanche starring mega prince Varun Tej and the new beauty Pragya Jaiswal. The response to the trailer in both Telugu states and the NRI Telugu crowds has been outstanding. But here is the latest update which is causing quite a bit of cheer and pride.

Due to the quality of the trailer, even those from other states are watching it and appreciating it in a big way. After the success of Baahubali a large focus has fallen on Tollywood and Kanche seems to be another trendsetter which is going to grab national attention. Let us wish it does and make us proud.

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