Director's Secret Enjoyment

By - September 05, 2015 - 10:51 AM IST

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After you become a filmmaker and are assigned to do a project, you would see that almost everyday will have something new to learn and that becomes an experience. In these days of rampant social media, there are many filmmakers who tend to share their experiences.

But one director has raised the eyebrows of many with his tweet. He is none other than the angry eyed director Harish Shankar. Recently, he came up with a tweet along with a picture from his new movie Subramanyam For Sale. Harish tweeted he enjoyed while shooting that particular scene.

Those who saw this are saying “The Tweet is fine but what is that Harish enjoyed has not been revealed.” Sources close to the director reveal that sequence is going to be a highlight in the movie and hence it was not let out by Harish. Perhaps waiting for it to enter the theatres is the best way

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