Most Searched Videos In Tamil Nadu Now

By - September 05, 2015 - 06:51 PM IST

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From the time internet and social media has invaded human lives, everyone seeks the help of these mediums to get information first hand. This is more among the cine buffs and right now it is heard that the entire state of Tamil Nadu is busy searching for something on the worldwide web.

Reports from Chennai reveal many are searching for videos related to the new project Kabali. This has superstar Rajnikanth in the lead along with the ravishingly beautiful Radhika Apte in the lead. Directed by P A Ranjith, the film has extraordinary expectations already which is causing a new phase.

Many netizens are busy scouting for any video related to Kabali but many false videos are coming. Some are also using their creativity and coming up with the posters of the film in their own way. This is just like how it happened for the Telugu magnum opus Baahubali. At this moment, this is only going to increase till something official comes out.

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