Surprise Debut Planned for Mokshagna?

By - September 07, 2015 - 12:10 PM IST

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The youngest Nandamuri prospective hero Mokshagna is a doting son to actor cum politician dad Balakrishna. The Nandamuri Lion always mentioned the plan of launching his son in films and the young actor is getting ready in every way possible to pave the way for a grand debut.

Mokshagna celebrated his birthday yesterday and Balayya’s fans organization NBK Helping Hands organized a cake cutting ceremony. However, the cake cutting was done by another Nandamuri Hero Nara Rohit instead of Mokshagna. The real reason cited for this absence of Mokshagna is that- Balakrishna is getting his son a big makeover and the surprise look would be unleashed on Balayya’s 100th film audio release!

It is indeed interesting to see Balakrishna plan his son’s acting debut in a unique manner!

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