'Subramanyam For Sale' Movie Key Highlight!

By - September 08, 2015 - 04:00 PM IST

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The target audience for any filmmaker in today’s time is the age group of 18-25 because they have the time, the passion towards movies. Even the stories are cooked in such a way that it appeals to the youth audience. But one movie which is gearing up for release is targeting the grownups as well.

We are talking about the movie Subramanyam for Sale which has the mega supreme star Sai Dharam along with the expressive seductress Regina. This is being helmed by the angry eyed director Harish Shankar. Apparently, the film has got one element which is sure to draw the audience of age group 30-40. That element is a chartbuster song.

It is ‘Guvva gorinka tho….’ And it is a superhit song for those who are in 30-40 age group as it is from the movie Khaidi No 786. Usually, 18-25 age group crowds come for Harish’s movies but through this song he is pulling the other age group also. With this, the chances for scoring success have increased further.

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