YVS Chowdary is back?

By - September 09, 2015 - 05:32 PM IST

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YVS Chowdary is one unique director who reached to big league by starting from a normal assistant. He made blockbuster films like Seethaiah, Laahiri Laahiri Laahiri Lo, Devadasu and these took him to the top slot of big directors.
However from the past decade, he has been facing a downfall in his career with back to back disappointments like Okka Magadu, Saleem, Nippu and recently Rey. He was facing a low time in his career in terms of both producer and director. But now, according to the sources, he is planning to make a jubilant comeback with his original strength of Love stories.
He is gearing up to do a love story with a back drop of MMTS in Hyderabad and it is going to be a new age love story. We already had a few movies comes under this background like Sakhi and Pokiri which turned out as blockbusters.
YVS wants to make this film with the new actors and in one way he is making a Devadasu once again and we wish he would give another Ram and Ileana! We wish and hope YVS Chowdary use this film as a bouncing board to show his strength to audiences.

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