Manchu Manoj Going To Give Family Touch

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Your first reaction when you see any hero would be based on the image and impression he has formed on you. While you perceive some as the perfect family heroes, you tend to perceive few others as the perfect action heroes. Akin to that, even rocking star Manchu Manoj has got a certain image.

He has been popular for his inclination towards doing out of the box scripts instead of the morose formula movies. At the same time, he also has sufficient following among the masses. But now, this young hero is all set to take a U-turn in his career and this is going to happen with his new project.

Well, Manoj has started his new film yesterday and guess who is the director? He is none other than Dasarath. Inside news is that this is a very interesting script and Manoj would be seen in a completely different image and avatar. Dasarath is famous for his family flavored movies so this is going to be interesting.

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