Renu Desai Makes It A Point

By - September 12, 2015 - 03:47 PM IST

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You need to be someone special to impress a person like power star Pawan Kalyan and if you have to steal his heart then you got to be extra special. This is the reason why the former heroine Renu Desai is still regarded with a lot of respect by the fans though she is the former wife of Pawan.

True to her ability, Renu has been quite vocal about her thoughts and social issues. She has created enough ripple in the social media by giving ideas and views. The latest on that front happens to be her perspective on the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi festival and how it can be eco friendly.

Renu gave a tweet which goes like this- ‘Only if the entire country bans POP idols& plastic/thermacol decorations & uses only clay eco friendly stuff everyone will agree to this ban:))‘

For some reason, the majority of Indians lack the self-discipline to follow a rule and they tend to do that only if they are compelled to. So, if need be, the government must consider Renu’s point seriously and take some measures. All this is for a better purpose and existence so be it.

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