Big Insult to Sridevi!

By - September 12, 2015 - 09:37 AM IST

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You can say that a dish is delicious only when its ingredients are in the right balance. Most importantly, it has to do with the sweet quotient and if gets more then the dish gets spoiled. A similar formula applies to films which are made with stellar star cast and mind boggling budgets.

Small imbalance is sufficient to spin the movie’s flavor out of control and it becomes a disaster at the box office and disappointment for the stars. Currently, a talk is emerging from Chennai and this has to do with the Athiloka Sundari Sridevi and her comeback movie in Tamil Puli made at a prestigious budget.

News is that recently Sridevi went to Chennai for dubbing and had the shock of her life. Apparently, the senior starlet had shot many scenes but a majority of them were chopped on the editing table and she could figure out she had just minutes of screen presence. Buzz is that she staged an immediate walkout but was later pacified by the makers. For the record, sources say Sridevi had rejected the role of Sivagami in Baahubali which was given to Ramya Krishnan.

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