'F#@* Buddies' Is The New Word In Discussion

By - September 14, 2015 - 03:09 PM IST

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The pace at which our lives are going may sometimes drive us crazy but in this speed, there is always something new we seek. Thanks to the internet invasion, buzz words are something which are born every other day and they create a ripple for a while. Now, one buzz word has become popular in tinsel town.

It is called ‘F#@* Buddies’ and we don’t have to elaborate on the alphanumerics mentioned there. Well, one heroine has stated that all those actors and actresses who say they are just ‘good friends’ they are actually ‘‘F#@* Buddies’ as in someone who have sex without any emotional strings attached.

She is none other than the curly haired beauty Kangana Ranaut and her definition has stumped many. Meanwhile, few of the industry insiders are nodding in agreement with what Kangana says but in a small whisper. So, ‘F#@* Buddies’ is the new word in discussion and it has to be seen how long this will last.

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