Another Beauty Joins Trisha

By - September 15, 2015 - 10:51 AM IST

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The famous adage which goes ‘The more the merrier’ fits aptly to the entertainment industry and especially the heroines department. From audience perspective, they are keen to see as many as beauties as they can in a single frame and whenever a cluster of beauties came together, that left a strong impact.

All of you know that the petite beauty Trisha has reached the peak of her career and she has now switched to solo female lead projects. One such movie is the Tamil flick Nayagi which is coming in Telugu as Nayaki. This is the first time Trisha is attempting this genre and also in a solo position.

But here is the exciting news. She is going to be joined by a beauty who is still in the budding stages but has generated enough heat among the youngsters. She is none other than Sushma Raj who was seen in movies like Maya, Joru and others. Sources say Sushma is doing a key role in Nayagi so get set for the double treat.

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