Can Bikini Bring Box Office Collections?

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There are various means and methods to make a movie successful and this is part of every filmmaker’s strategies. While the aspects are many, there is a notion that one factor is a sure shot way to get collections. This is the bikini way. Well, if the leading lady of the movie sports a two piece bikini, the craze for the film increases.

However, the rationalists are negating this notion. They say “There was a time when bikini was a great thing but today even ordinary models are coming up with bundles of photo galleries wearing the most seductive two piece bikinis. Even top heroines have donned the bikinis in some of their movies.”

They add “But this approach only brings momentary excitement and it doesn’t bring the expected collections. If wearing a bikini alone can bring fortunes to a film then every movie’s heroine would be asked to do the same. However, a bikini scene acts as a good catalyst to grab the public attention, that’s all.”

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