'Rudramadevi' Pushes Other Films Away?

By - September 17, 2015 - 10:49 AM IST

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It is more of a pattern that when a big budget movie is gearing up for release, the rest of the films tend to make way for it. And if it is a film like Rudramadevi then such approach is more certain. While that may be possible, the realistic conditions are suggesting otherwise and here are the details.

After going through a marathon of postponing the release dates, Rudramadevi was locked for release on October 9th but recently the talk of movie getting postponed again popped up. This drove many cine buffs to the wall and sensing their annoyance, sources say director Gunasekhar has decided to release it on the same date no matter what.

If that really happens then what happens to movies like Bruce Lee featuring mega powerstar Ram Charan and Akhil-The Power of Jua featuring Akkineni Akhil. Ideally, they are expected to delay their release dates but will that really happen? For now, everything looks like a juggernaut so let us hope for the best.

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