Most Expensive Song

By - September 19, 2015 - 04:33 PM IST

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When you are planning for the budget of a movie you must remember to cater a separate budget for the songs. And if it is a movie involving noted stars then it is imperative to shell out good cash for the songs. While that is understood, something is happening right now which has blown away everyone in Tollywood.

We are talking about the introduction song of Akkineni Akhil for his debut movie Akhil-The Power Of Jua. It is heard that five separate massive settings have been erected at the Annapurna Studios for the canning of Akhil’s introduction song. Each set has been designed with a lot of grandeur and richness.

While the film is being helmed by sensational director V V Vinayak, the producer is Nithiin and the way this song is being canned, it will become the most expensive song ever made in Tollywood. What remains to be seen is how well will the audience understand this when they watch the song in the theatres.

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