Shah Rukh Khan Scenes In Rolling Titles

By - September 21, 2015 - 05:25 PM IST

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Though some of the members from the film fraternity may not accept it, the concept of showing on the sets shooting clips and other behind the camera bits during the rolling titles has been copied from the Hollywood celebrity Jackie Chan. From many years, Jackie’s films used to show the stunts he used to perform and what happened when things went wrong during the rolling titles.

Eventually, that concept got copied in Bollywood and then to Tollywood. Keeping aside that fact, these additions have brought more value to a film. Now, can you imagine someone like Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan appearing during the rolling titles of a Telugu film? Well, it may happen soon.

It is known that recently King Khan sprang a surprise to everybody on the sets of the movie Brahmotsavam. The shooting is taking place at Ramoji Film City and SRK dropped by to say hello to Mahesh Babu and others. As a result, grapevine is that director Sreekanth Addala is planning to put those scenes in rolling titles. If this happens then it is going to be an excellent pull factor for the movie.

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