I feel guilty about just one thing: Harish Shankar Interview

By - September 22, 2015 - 07:50 PM IST

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Harish Shankar is one of those contemporary filmmakers who know the right balance between story value and commercial elements. After good success of Mirapakay, he struck gold by directing Pawan Kalyan for Gabbar Singh and reached the top notch of filmmakers in Tollywood. Though his last film Ramayya Vastavayya left him disappointed, he is back with new found vigor and confidence with Subramanyam for Sale starring Sai Dharam Tej and Regina in lead roles. The film is due for release this week and here is an iQlik interview with the director:

Hello Harish..

What is the unique factor about your new film Subramanyam for Sale?
The film is quite entertaining. This doesn’t mean it is void of characterizations or good storyline. The basic plot lies where the hero enters into the herione’s life in dramatic circumstances.

Any reason for choosing America as the backdrop for the film?
The basic story deals with a struggle of an NRI who goes on a dollar quest. It is quite relatable to many Telugu people now. I see to that a story should narrate something which was never told before in an entertaining manner. But that doesn’t mean I choose to narrate stories which are totally not understandable to people. The key lies in narrating a regular story with new feel.

How did you get the idea of naming the film so?
I always used to get curious and interested to see the concept of Ashadham, Sravana masam sale in the city. And then thought of a line what if the hero is ready to put himself for sale! I had the film idea even before Mirapakay but it took this much time to finally materialize.

Your working experience with Regina?
The storyline basically revolves around the heroine and naturally her role is quite important. I wanted a really talented actress to do this role and I am happy to find Regina fit in the role effortlessly.

Was making Subramanyam for Sale quite challenging?
I take every film as a new challenge. Actually Shock taught me so much. In fact, making a commercial film like Mirapakay after a serious flick like Shock was the biggest challenge. I owe alot to Pawan Kalyan sir in this regard. One day when I was telling Kalyan sir about Gabbar Singh’s records, Pawan Kalyan who looked disinterested in it asked me about the book I read recently. A star like him was focusing on work instead of success or failure and that day I learnt something. In fact, the last dialogue of Ravi Teja's Neninthe also inspires me. I know only to make films and I will continue to rediscover myself in it.

How was it working with Dil Raju for the second time after Ramayya Vastavayya?
Though Ramayya Vastavayya was a flop, Dil Raju wasn’t badly impacted by it. He always had lot of trust in me and it gave me more confidence to deliver him a good hit.

Did you ever regret about the result of Ramayya Vastavayya?
I am quite used to sudden shocks in life. When Gabbar Singh was a hit, fans took me to new heights and when Ramayya Vastavayya failed, I was immediately thrown back. That is why I am not perturbed by success or failure. But I just had one guilt feel that I could do justice to the opportunity given by a star like Tarak. However, irrespective of result, I always strive to make good films and prove my worth with every film.

So, are you totally satisfied with the output Subramanyam for Sale gave?
Of course Yes! The climax for the film is quite emotional and perhaps I used more glycerine for my films for the first time. Any hero fan would relate and enjoy the dialogues. I got a free hand while working for this project and naturally the output is satisfactory.

Will this film have any hangover from Gabbar Singh?
Not at all. I strive to be different for each of my films and that is why worked with a different producer like Dil Raju!

Your comment on missing out directing Pawan for the second time in Sardar Gabbar Singh?
I wanted to do Mirapakay with k first Kalyan sir but when it didn’t work out. He himself called me and gave chance to direct Gabbar Singh. I was quite terrified because doing a remake is quite challenging but was successful in giving a new treatment for the film. Regarding Sardar Gabbar Singh, the expectations will be sky high and the pressure will surmount. In such scenario, it is better thI Iat I didn’t get to direct it! However, I am making another script ready for Pawan.

Tollywood’s market in overseas has tremendously improved. How do you feel about it?
We must thank Rajamouli Sir wholeheartedly because his Baahubali has opened new doors for Telugu Cinema. We are rejoicing this new change and improvement. However, it will increase responsibility and enables us to improve more.
Upcoming projects?
I am currently working on scripts for Jr.NTR, Mahesh Babu and Ravi Teja as well.

Okay..wish you the best for Subramanyam for Sale!
Thanks a lot!

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