Heroine's Doubts on Mecca Tragedy

By - September 25, 2015 - 02:03 PM IST

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In the world where Social Media is on forefront, we are filled with opinions, anguish and many such emotions relating to any happening in the World. When a tragic incident happens in particular, many people express their frank and fearless opinions in their respective social media handles. Some celebrities are quite adept in doing so because it quickly reaches to more number of people and becomes a point of discussion as well.

Here is one beautiful actress who tweeted about the recent Mecca tragedy which resulted in the loss of hundreds of innocent lives. While it happened just on the festival season of Bakrid, the actress questioned that how can such incident happen even in a rich nation like Mecca. She is none other than tall and lovely looking Kajal Agarwal. This Sardaar Gabbar Singh actress tweeted the following way expressing her misgivings on the incident:


thats quite horrible to know so many people died in stampade but how how such things can happen in such rich countries

We should now wait and see how her fans and common folk react to this!

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