Mega Force Behind 'Rudramadevi'

By - September 28, 2015 - 10:55 AM IST

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If you want your film to be successful then you would require a lot of support from different corners. While media is the chief force, the next best is the support from star fans. History has shown that all those movies which won the support of star fans have resulted in big hits at the box office.

Now, the same seems to be the blessing for the magnum opus Rudramadevi. Buzz is that this film is getting mega force in the form of stylish star Allu Arjun fans. Apparently, Bunny is essaying the powerful role of Gona Gannareddy and his presence in the trailer itself created a lot of hype and hungama.

As a result, it is heard that fans of Bunny are keen to push this film and get another hit for Bunny. If this happens, it would be a blessing in disguise for the grandeur director Gunasekhar who is also the producer of this movie. Given the money he has pumped in for the project, this mega force will prove very useful.

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