Quite hard to match upto his Energy: Raashi Khanna Interview

By - September 29, 2015 - 12:52 PM IST

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There are very few actresses in Telugu Cinema who could handle the glam as well as girl next door image with great ease. After Samantha, the same legacy was retained by another bubbly actress Raashi Khanna. After making a promising debut in Telugu films with Srinivas Avasarala’s Oohalu Gusagusalaade, she sizzled with glamorous image opposite Gopichand in Jil. Now she is all set to entertain the audience by pairing opposite Ram in Shivam. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actress:

Hello Raashi.. how are you doing?
Hi.. I am doing great!

About your role in Shivam..
My role in the film is of an egoist. My character and the hero have a Tom and Jerry kind of tantrums which is really entertaining to watch. I really liked the script and for this project, I missed a few other projects as well. This itself would say how good it is!

What was the most challenging aspect in this movie?
I found climax to be quite challenging. I laughed a lot onscreen like someone put some laughing gas. It was indeed quite difficult to do!

Working experience with hero Ram?
Ram is a highly energetic guy. It was quite hard to match his speed in dancing! I took a while to go in sync with him for dances!

Any change as performer in Shivam?
I have improved my histrionics and can say my dancing skills have remarkably improved in this film! Thanks to Ram (Laughs)

You seem to be quite busy with many projects ever since your debut. How does it feel?
I am actually quite delighted to have back to back projects in hand. Any heroine would wish for the same. I'm glad audience accepted me and people want me in their films.

What do you believe in more - Luck or talent?
I think for a proper launch into films, luck plays a major factor. But to live up to the opportunity and keep going, talent is a must.

How do you handle the competition with your contemporaries?
I find the competition to be quite healthy and doesn’t take it like a tough task at all. We all are here to make it big and do some good films. All of them are doing well and I'm trying my best too.

Do you pay attention to the number game and race?
No, I focus on my work and that alone drives me.

As a non-Telugite, how did you manage to pick up the language?
I did learn Telugu but still get some mistakes while speaking. If my Telugu is even this better, all the credit goes to my team, co-actors and directors I’ve worked with (Smiles).

Do you have any regrets relating to your acting career till now?
I wanted to work with big directors and actors but till now couldn’t. Don't know why! I hope after Shivam, I would get what I dreamt of. .

Wasn’t it difficult to shoot for a song in Shivam at a dangerous location?
Though the place is usually dangerous, the climate was quite pleasant when we were filming. So it was great fun.

Your costumes always looks fresh and unique. What is the secret behind it?
All the credit goes to my designer Deepthi for getting me such trendy costumes.

Do you have any single minded goal in life?
My only goal in life is to enjoy my work and do characters which remain memorable to the audience. That is why, I gave more preference to quality than quantity. And in the due course, I had to reject few films also but never mind. 

What are films you rejected?
(Laughs) I can't take names but I should rather say I missed those somehow.

Upcoming projects?
I will be seen in Bengal Tiger opposite Ravi Teja and Supreme with Mega Hero Sai Dharam Tej.

Okay..thanks and wish you the best for future projects!
Thanks a lot!

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