Kamal Haasan's Rs 10 Cr For 1 Ad?

By - September 30, 2015 - 03:33 PM IST

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You might be wondering why there are those heroines who tend to cater most of their attention towards brand endorsements and ads. Well, they make more money in lesser time than they make in movies. If that is the case with mid level artists then you can imagine the money that flows when big names are involved.

True to that, there are reports from Chennai that the iconic Kamal Haasan is getting a whopping ten crores for his appearance in an ad. This is the famous clothes brand Pothys but then there is a reason behind Kamal quoting such huge amount. It is heard that he is doing this for a noble cause.

Apparently, the ten crores that Kamal would be getting as part of this assignment he would be donating it to help the HIV affected children. Even the company has gladly obliged to Kamal’s thoughts. This is indeed an inspiring move from Kamal and let us wish more celebrities take a leaf out of his book

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