Rajinikanth's Idol For Sale

By - October 02, 2015 - 11:08 AM IST

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A key part of film business also involves selling its merchandise but it is possible only for those movies which have heavy star power and pull factor. While that is understood, can you explain how an idol of a south Indian superstar is now being kept for sale in a foreign country where English isn't widely spoken?

Well, don’t be surprised because it is happening right now and the man to make that happen is none other than superstar Rajnikanth. Reports reveal idols of Rajini are being kept for sale across many famous stores in the country of Japan. Added to that, the idol is finding a decent number of buyers as well.

Apparently, Rajini has a great fan following and it is heard that his movie ‘Robo’ played a key role in giving him a good fan base. This is perhaps the first time that an Indian actor’s idol is sold on foreign soil and Rajini seems to have earned that rare privilege.

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