Prakash Raj's Swach Bharat Fulfillment!

By - October 05, 2015 - 12:04 PM IST

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Whoever has known Prakash Raj on and off the screen is well aware of his multi faceted ideas and hobbies apart from versatile acting skills. Prakash Raj himself expressed great interest in organic farming, cooking and learning new languages so many times during the interviews.

This actor with zeal doesn’t confine himself to only this and constantly reinvents his passions- which is why he became such a refined artist. The classy actor has shown interest in PM Modi’s Swach Bharat initiative and decided to clean Theerthahalli Drive today early morning. He tweeted about the experience by describing it to be rewarding and memorable. 

"Cleaning theerthahalli drive... Love this sleepy town early in the morning .. You all have a great day too .. Cheers"

Prakash Raj is just getting better as days pass by with his new ideas and innovation- not only in movies but in real life!

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