RGV's Strong Reply to PK fans' Crazy Act

By - October 07, 2015 - 12:31 AM IST

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RGV’s comments on Pawan Kalyan’s twitter following earlier stirred a controversy and when we thought everything subsided, here is an instance that says the issue is alive and kicking.

Some unidentified people claiming to be Pawan Kalyan fans designed the above image stating “Sudden death to RGV, Industry is quite happy about it…every PSPK fan, please comment R.I.P & Must be shared this”. And here is how things got interesting. The controversial filmmaker who otherwise ignores criticism and trolls, posted this image on his twitter handle and tweeted –

“Like I said this is reality of PK fans..hope they will get less uncivilised and his Twitter following will increase.

English in this is proof of PK fans illiteracy ..More than help for farmers PK shud start schools for his fans.
As a mega fan of PK my request to PK fans is to become literate nd not make him feel embarrassed about his own fans.
U can kill me in thoughts but can't kill my thoughts...illiterates nd technically handicapped ppl can't understand
As a Mega Power fan of PK fan,my request to all illiterate PK fans is to atleast learn from Mahesh fans
I request Mahesh fans to translate my English tweets as a social service to illiterates nd technically handicapped
I think more than for farmers PK shud work for the development of his fans..because farmers never bought his tickets “

This strong retaliation from RGV has once stirred the hornet’s nest and this generalization by him has hurt few other PSPK fans as well. Meanwhile, some Mahesh fans are enjoying this too! Well, let’s wait and see what is store for RGV & when will this end!

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