Pawan Kalyan's Son @ Google School

By - October 07, 2015 - 12:14 PM IST

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The amount of mania and admiration most among you have for power star Pawan Kalyan cannot be described in words. It is so infectious that even his kith and kin also get the same attention. So, if it happens to be Pawan’s own son then one can imagine how much adulation and attention that boy would get.

The talk now is about Pawan’s son Akira Nandan and his education via Google school. Well, there is no such school in reality but it is the amount of knowledge and information he has been gathering for his homework through the Google search engine on the internet. This was revealed by his mother herself.

She is none other than Renu Desai and she revealed this through a tweet which goes like this-

‘The entire education system should be modified to BG (before Google) & AG (after Google).Most of Akira's homework research is done with its help’

Well, most of the mothers would agree with what Renu has to say about the Google education.

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