'Chiranjeevi's Cameo is Highlight in Bruce Lee- Srinu Vaitla Interview

By - October 12, 2015 - 02:44 PM IST

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Srinu Vaitla is one of those directors in Tollywood who has a great knack about the pulse of the audience. He can churn out a perfect recipe for a masala entertainer which is ideally balanced with action as well as comedy. He has given some brilliant entertainers like Venky, Dookudu and Baadshah. Despite the debacle with last relesae Aagadu, the director is confident about his latest release Bruce Lee starring Ram Charan and Rakul Preet in lead roles. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the filmmaker:

Hello Srinu garu..how are you doing?
Hi.. I am doing good.
What is the reason for naming your latest film Bruce Lee?
The hero is a fighter by profession but also fights in real life. That was why we had to name it after the legendary Bruce Lee.
Did you change any aspect of your filmmaking after the failure of Aagadu?
The failure of Aagadu was most disappointing for me and I felt very bad for it. But I got over it and focused more on writing a good story for Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee seems to have been done in brisk pace. What is the reason for it?
We wanted to make it a Dasara release this year and for that we had to work faster. I am glad everybody in the team co-operated for this and I owe a lot for them.
When did you get the idea of having Chiru's entry in the film?
I had the idea of having a big hero coming to rescue the herione during climax from before itself. It was when I wanted to include Chiru. Thanks to him, he immediately agreed to support me as well as Charan for this project.
Can we expect any big change in taking from Aagadu to Bruce Lee?
My taking style has completely changed in Bruce Lee. Even the trademark comedy which my films have will be shown differently.
Will Bruce Lee have the same level of entertainment which your films usually have?
We believed in the story more than anything else. But the story is treated with entertainment factor and I am sure it will be liked by the audience.
Bruce Lee seems to have done great business overseas even before its release. What do you think is the reason for it?
This is the first time I am working with Ram Charan and our combination definietly has high expectations. I think that is the main reason for it and I hope it would do better business once it is released.
How was your working experience with Ram Charan?
You can a new level of comedy angle in Cherry for this film. He attempted coming out of his comfort zone and did great. Regarding fights and action scenes, I don't need to specially mention how good he is!
What about Chiranjeevi's special cameo in Bruce Lee?
His role lasts just for five minutes but his presence will take the movie to a new level. He will take the due credit behind the success of this project!
You didn't work with Kona Venkat for Aagadu and it bombed at the Box Office. How was it to get back to him again for Bruce Lee?
It is common to have some differences when people work as a team. However, we grew out of all such things and worked very hard for Bruce Lee.
Will you ever come back to your forte of making Love stories?
I always consider love stories are my biggest strength. In fact, my first film was a love story. I hope to do a love story very soon.
You worked with Thaman since Dookudu days. How was it working with him once again in Bruce Lee?
I knew about his potential since beginning. After watching Ram Charan's Nayak I was determined to take him for Bruce Lee as well. Believe me, his music would be the biggest asset for Bruce Lee.
Upcoming projects?
Nothing has been confirmed as of now. Will be knowing about it soon.
Okay..thanks and wish you the best for Bruce Lee!
Thanks a lot!

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