RGV Bandla Ganesh Debate on PK

By - October 13, 2015 - 08:26 AM IST

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We all know about the craze of Pawan Kalyan. But his charisma (both on/off screen) reached a stage where he is being worshipped as a Demigod. He got an immense following especially amidst youth and his image and persona is leading them in the form of 'Pawanism'. Yesterday was World Pawanism Day and witnessed the biggest (tweet) war between two polar opposite yet hardcore Pawan Kalyan fans - none other than RGV and Bandla Ganesh.

These expressed their love and affection towards Pawan through their respective Twitter handles and in the due course, they triggered a debate about Pk, his craze, Pawan's ISM book and all where RGV and Bandla Ganesh indulged in a heated argument firing tweets as follows:

Ram Gopal Varma ‏@RGVzoomin  

On this #WorldPawanismDay I truly believe that Sardar Gabbar Singh will reach out to the entire whole world more than Bahubali

ganesh bandla‏@ganeshbandla

@RGVzoomin Maaku telisinde maaku prapancham. Maa prapancham loki #powerstar vochina roje maaku world pawanism day @PawanKalyan

Ram Gopal Varma ‏@RGVzoomin  

@ganeshbandla World I meant in context of Schopenhauers eulogism as defined even in Pawanism book .can't down my literacy for illiterates

ganesh bandla ‏@ganeshbandla  

@RGVzoomin meeru educated avvachu. Thakkuva chaduvu unna maaku samskaram jeevitham icchinaa @PawanKalyan vivekanandudu

Ram Gopal Varma ‏@RGVzoomin  

@ganeshbandla Anybody who read Pawanism book wil understand the intricacies of my thought intrusions..u r misdirecting nd corrupting PK fans

ganesh bandla ‏@ganeshbandla  

@RGVzoomin maaku book avasaram ledu. @PawanKalyan look maa paina padithe chaalu

Ram Gopal Varma ‏@RGVzoomin  

@ganeshbandla Book chadavatam avasaram ledani bhodinchi vaallaloni niraksharaasyatani prodbhalinchi thappu daari pattisthunnaru

ganesh bandla ‏@ganeshbandla 
@RGVzoomin books mee laanti vaallu chadivi maa lanti vaallani educate cheyandi. Yekkirinchakandi.

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