Ram Charan's Brand Going International

By - October 14, 2015 - 02:05 PM IST

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Once you become a star hero, there is an automatic brand quotient that builds for you and any business activity you commence will get a solid footing and mileage. And if you are a star like mega powerstar Ram Charan and end up starting an airline carrier service then you can imagine the impact.

True to that, Charan has started the Trujet airways which is currently plying in the domestic sector. But inside news reveals this brand is going to take an international route very soon. Buzz is that Trujet’s first target is to start flying to Singapore and then eventually take the longer sectors such as USA, UK.

All this is going as part of Charan’s expansion plans but there is also a precursor to it. All this is going to be done after Trujet expands its services in India. The focus is on taking passengers to the four metros and then eventually to the two tier cities. That way, Charan is indeed taking the Telugu pride to a new range.

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