'Troy' Flavor In 'Rudramadevi' In Discussion

By - October 14, 2015 - 09:53 AM IST

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We are so influenced by Hollywood and world cinema that whenever we see something interesting in our Telugu cinema, we try to find a connection with the non-local movies. More often than not, the connection does turn out to be true. Well, nothing wrong in taking inspiration from grand spectacles.

In that aspect, a discussion is now making rounds and this has to do with the magnum opus Rudramadevi and its connection with the Hollywood blockbuster Troy. Some of the keen observers are saying the characterization of Gona Gannareddy was just like the powerful and invincible Achilles of Troy.

Another common observation is that, in Troy, there is a wooden horse through which soldiers enter the city. In Rudramadevi a wooden elephant is used in a similar manner. Even the fort walls shown in Rudramadevi remind you strongly of the fort and strong walls of city of Troy. What say Gunasekhar?

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