Boyapati To Help Chief Minister Again

By - October 16, 2015 - 10:21 AM IST

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When you look at a film director, the general expectations from him would be a good movie and a good storyline. But can you imagine a film director helping the Chief Minister of a state? Well, it has happened in Andhra Pradesh. The filmmaker in discussion is none other than Boyapati Srinu.

Apparently, during Godavari Pushkarams, the Godavari Haarathi was considered the most colorful and prestigious and sacred event. Sources say CM Chandrababu Naidu asked Boyapati to design the setup in such a way that media coverage would be maximum for the event.

Boyapati designed it and it worked very well. Similarly, it is now heard that Naidu has approached Boyapati once again for the upcoming Amaravati Sankusthaapana event scheduled to take place on October 22. At the same time even for Krishna Pushkarams also, the involvement of Boyapati is reportedly expected.

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