Bruce Lee's Mega Fan Satires on Cherry's Bruce Lee

By - October 16, 2015 - 09:26 PM IST

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Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee The Fighter hit the screens today across the globe and Mega fans are mostly quite overwhelmed with Chiru’s re-entry with this film except one Mega fan.

He is none other than Ram Gopal Varma. The controversial who otherwise claims himself as the biggest fan of Megastar Chiranjeevi watched Bruce Lee today and made many sensational comments. As a Mega fan of Bruce Lee, RGV seemed rather disappointed with Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee and even with Chiranjeevi’s comeback as well. His displeasure in his own words –

“Just watched Ram Charan's Bruce Lee

After watching Ram Charan in "Bruce Lee" now watching Bruce Lee in "Enter The Dragon"
If not called Bruce Lee, Ram Charan is fantastic in "Bruce Lee" but since he is called Bruce Lee he is ........
As a Bruce Lee fan I really wonder why they named Ram Charan as Bruce Lee in a Bruce Lee less film
I wonder why Boss Is back for his 150th with Bruce Lee....I hope that in 151st he will be better than Bruce Lee
As a Mega fan of Mega Star and a Power fan of Bruce Lee I hope 151st will give a MegaKickingPowerPunch
Ram Charan in "Bruce lee" would have looked Bruceleeish by not adding Bruce Lee and if they subtracted and divided instead of multiplying
I really wonder what that Bruce Lee would have thought of this Bruce Lee?
After all the Mega discussions Mega Star had, I am Mega surprised that he chose Bruce Lee as his 150th film
I wonder what film Bruce Lee saw to react like that?

Well, hardcore Mega fans might not like to echo with his views. On the other hand, even RGV is making a film titled Bruce Lee that shall hit quite soon. We need to wait and see how that film would turn out to be!

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