Is the Senior Hero in Confusion?

By - October 18, 2015 - 12:19 PM IST

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Victory Venkatesh is one of the most successful heroes and an exceptional actors of our industry. Somehow from the past three years, he became extra choosy over his projects and preferred multi starrer films to solo ones. Multi starrers with Mahesh (SVSC), Pawan (Gopala Gopala) and Ram (Masala) pretty much tell the story.

Meanwhile he also did some offbeat entertainers like Drushyam as a solo hero and after its release Venky didn’t even sign a single film. His fans are also at a low ebb with Venky’s approach towards picking projects. However speculations about his upcoming projects with Maruthi, Kranthi Madhav (Malli Malli Idhi Raani Roju), Ravi Babu and recently Dolly are always alive. Well 
Venkatesh is apparently showing interest on subjects that suit his age rather than usual commercial entertainers. But latest reports reveal that Venky will announce his next film under Suresh Productions on the auspicious Dussehra day.

So finally Venky is going to reveal his next project and to know who will be that lucky director who's going to direct Venky, we need to wait till 22nd of October.

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