Varun Tej Vs Prabhas: History Repeats?

By - October 21, 2015 - 12:14 PM IST

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When you speak about young rebel star Prabhas you know for a fact that he is among the top most league of star heroes and he has got a strong following among all genres of audience. Given that situation, you would be surprised to see why the name of someone like Varun Tej is being brought in this context.

Apparently, Varun Tej is still in the budding stages of his career but here is the twist. Those who are seeing Varun now are saying they are getting reminded of Prabhas during his Raghavendra and Eshwar days. At that point, Prabhas was rather raw and he eventually seasoned to be a good star.

Now, Varun Tej seems to be heading the same way. As such, he has got that great physique, that raw look and his performance is also quite intense just like Prabhas. He has scored few good marks through his debut movie Mukunda and now he is likely to jump into the main race with his Kanche. This is a good sign.

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